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November 04, 2018

Kalau ada SUMUR di ladang

Boleh kita menumpang Mandi

Kalau Ada Umur Yang Panjang

MBNJ DAN MBD Bertemu Lagi

Media Statemant

Johor Youth Council

3 November 2018

1. The Johor Youth Council (MBNJ) extended its gratitude to HRH Tunku Ismail Ibn Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor (TMJ) for HRH’s donation of toiletries and health kits to the homeless people in Johor Bahru yesterday.

2. The donations were distributed to the homeless as the Johor Youth Council held the Johor Youth Volunteer Program (SUMUR 2.0 SANTUNI GELANDANGAN) in front of the former Johor Bahru Railway Station.

3. During the program, Johor Youth Council entertained 112 homeless people present by organizing health screening, used clothes donation, lucky draws and performances by several artists such as Malik Zabarjad and Arif Kilauan Emas.

4. SUMUR 2.0 is part of an activity involving volunteers which comprises of youth associations throughout Johor to work with the community to address local issues. The Johor Youth Council did not expect and was surprised that as the program ended, we just then realized HRH Crown Prince of Johor went out of the car and marched towards the homeless people who had went back to their original places.

5. This is not the first time HRH Crown Prince of Johor made an appearance, in fact he was together with the Johor Youth Council during the Johor Youth Volunteer Program (SUMUR) at Surau Nurul Falah Sri Stulang Johor Bahru.

6. As the Royal Patron of the Johor Youth Council, HRH Crown Prince of Johor often advises the youth leaders to always be sensitive of the community and give opinions that can improve the welfare of the people to facilitate certain parties in taking appropriate action.

7. On that note, along with the recent donation by HRH Crown Prince of Johor as funds to Johor Youth Council, the Johor Youth Council had drafted together with the joint bodies in the district to implement the Johor Youth Program with HRH Crown Prince of Johor (TEMASHOR) to enable the youth volunteers in Johor to carry out programs with the community in unity.

8. The program will be implemented for two (2) months and it will be held in each district, besides to care for certain community groups.

9. The Johor Youth Council hopes that the youths in Johor will be prepared to support the efforts that will be executed.

Md. Salleheen bin Mohamad


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