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October 04, 2023

People were shouting and running into the hotel from the mall when the shooter started firing. It was loud and there was a lot of screaming. We were all sitting at the hotel lobby at that time.

We carried the kids/family to safety, running to the basement with my team, and the only thing on my mind was how many shooters were there, what weapons they had and what was the situation. We had to be on alert and be prepared for any circumstance because all we knew at that point were the gunshots we heard. We didn’t have any other information and had to be ready for anything.

I still have images of me telling my kids, “everything is going to be okay. Babah and Mama are here” and telling them to get down while waiting for the car.

My security team and I stood in front of my family, creating a human shield to protect them at all cost. The idea was to get the family and my team out of there. My wife hugged all our kids, staying low and trying to calm them because they were terrified and were crying.

I was shouting at the top of my voice to our security to get the car to the basement and get us to a secure location away from the place. I told them to get us to the Malaysian Embassy, but the driver told us the Singapore Embassy was nearer and that was when I contacted the Singapore Consul General in Johor.

Now we’re here safe in the Embassy. I called the Malaysian PM and our Defence Minister to inform them what was happening. The Malaysian Ambassador is also with us.

Once it is safe, we will go to the airport and fly back to Johor. Sadly, I missed the JDT game but I’m glad my family and our team are safe. This is the worst experience I’ve ever gone through. Protecting the lives of my children from a killer. 2 people died. May God bless their innocent souls.

Alhamdulillah, we’re safe. Thanks to my security team and our friends from Singapore and Malaysia. I will forever be grateful to all of you.

Ismail Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor

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